Please note that slight changes are possible. In general, the map will be adapted as regionally and seasonally as possible. We try to buy as regionally as possible from farm shops or butchers. In addition, much of the food comes from the kitchen garden, especially herbs, salads and tomatoes.

Mon-Thu and Sat: Dinner. (In the period of the so-called Lockdown light until the end of November 2020, breakfast and dinner can only be served in the room)

Cream of beetroot soup with horseradish 5,40 Euro

Spätzle with herb pesto and salad 10,80 Euro

Spätzle with pumpkin pesto 9,80 Euro

Schnitzel "Viennese style", fried in clarified butter, with fried potatoes and salad 11,80 Euro

Horseradish meat (ox breast in horseradish sauce) with dumpling 9,80 Euro

Roulade, filled with pickles, onions and bacon, with dumpling and red cabbage 13,80 Euro

franconian sauerbraten in gingerbread sauce with napkin dumpling and salad 11,80 Euro

Beer goulash with spaetzle 10,80 Euro

franconian sausage salad with butter and bread 7,40 Euro

spicy soft cheese with tomato chutney (made from historical sun-ripened tomatoes from our own cultivation) 6,90 Euro

homemade aspic with fried potatoes 7,80 Euro

Snack plate with butter and bread, cheese, ham, sausage and in addition homemade pickled curry courgettes as well as pickled colourful summer vegetables (from own cultivation) 8,40 Euro

lukewarm plum compote with homemade chocolate coriander ice cream 4,80 Euro