From 17.11.2021


Access only with 2G (vaccinated, recovered) and for children up to the age of 12 and for underage pupils. In the case of absolutely necessary and postponable non-tourist accommodation stays (e.g. business trips), 3G Plus applies (vaccinated, recovered, PCR-tested - not older than 48h on arrival; a further PCR test must be submitted every 72h) Verification check with identification FFP2 mask obligation for guests; medical mask obligation for staff.


Access only with 2G (vaccinated, recovered) and for children up to 12 years of age and for underage schoolchildren Verification check with identification FFP2 mask requirement for guests; medical mask requirement for staff . Outdoor catering would be possible without these restrictions (weather permitting).

The ordinance makes necessary adjustments subsequent to the amending ordinance of 15 November 2021.
- Exemption for occupational travellers: Guests who have not been vaccinated and have not recovered may now be granted access for mandatory and non-postponable non-tourist accommodation stays. These guests must present proof of PCR testing upon arrival and then every 72 hours. The explanatory memorandum goes on to say:

"Tourist accommodation stays are not covered by the exemption from the outset.
accommodation stays. For these, 2G always applies. Non-tourist stays are in particular stays for professional or business purposes, but also, for example, stays for training courses lasting several days, courses or examinations and stays for the purpose of assistance and support for close relatives. The exception to the 2G requirement also applies to these stays, but only if the stay is absolutely necessary and cannot be postponed. Stays whose purpose can also be achieved at a later point in time, stays whose purpose can be achieved in another way than through the accommodation stay, for example through a virtual meeting, through further training that does not have to take place in presence or through a business contact via means of distance communication, are therefore not subject to the exemption."
- Exemption for pupils: Pupils who have not been vaccinated and have not recovered are subject to regular testing when attending school. Non-vaccinated and non-recovered pupils under the age of 18 are allowed to visit catering establishments and use accommodation services with the amendment of the ordinance, which now comes into force as of today. The explanatory memorandum literally states:

"Through the adjustment in § 17 sentence 2 no. 2 letter b double letter aa, underage pupils who are subject to regular testing in the context of school attendance are exempted from the 2G requirement applicable in the "red" level in gastronomic establishments and for accommodation services even if they have already reached the age of twelve. In this way, it should also be possible for those underage pupils who, despite the existing vaccination recommendation, have not yet been vaccinated and have also not recovered, to visit catering establishments and use accommodation services. Without this exception, vaccinated parents would not be able to visit catering establishments or use accommodation services together with their non-vaccinated children. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that for schoolchildren aged twelve years and older, the vaccination recommendation of the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO) has only been in place since 16 August 2021."


From probably Tuesday, 16.11.2021

Dear guests,

Due to the worsening situation in hospitals, the 2G rule will probably apply to guests in restaurants and hotels from Tuesday. This means that only vaccinated and recovered persons will be admitted. An exception will then probably only apply to:

Children and schoolchildren up to the age of 12 (who are considered to have been tested regularly) and
Guests if it is proven with a doctor's certificate that vaccination is not possible for medical reasons (in which case a currently valid negative test certificate would presumably also be required, which would presumably be a negative PCR test).
Please have the documents as well as the identity card ready at check-in. If you have booked by telephone or online giving your home address, we can at least make it easier for you to fill in the registration form by printing out a personalised registration form.

Of course, we will continue to implement our hygiene concept during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Your Opel family


Current status approx. as of 10.11.2021 

Dear guests,

Where 3 G previously applied, 3 G Plus now applies, as the Corona hospital traffic light is now red.

3 G Plus still means mandatory testing, but now PCR testing, except of course for vaccinated or recovered guests. School children and other children who are considered regularly tested are probably exempt. In addition to the 3 G Plus proof, please also have your proof of identity ready for check-in. If you provide your home address when booking online, we can also print out a personalised registration form for you, which simplifies at least this part of the check-in process (also applies to telephone calls with address details, of course).

In Bavaria, it is generally advisable to have an FFP2 mask at hand. If you need one, we have it in stock. 

Here is an overview of what is now valid in our country (yellow or red traffic light in Bavaria)

Type of access indoors: 3G Plus obligatory (vaccinated, recovered, PCR-tested).
Admitted guests: 

- Vaccinated or recovered

- Tested with PCR test (max. 48 h old at time of check-in)

- In accommodation establishments, a further PCR test every 72 h

Mask requirement for guests: Mask requirement not applicable

Access control - control with identity verification

- Children up to the age of 12, children not yet enrolled in school and schoolchildren.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

The Opel family


Dear guests,

we are pleased to welcome all guests again since 21 May. Below is a brief overview of common current issues.

Our hygiene concept
Disinfection dispenser
There is a disinfection dispenser at the guest entrance. In addition to the usual soap dispensers, there are also dispensers in the toilets and all guest rooms that are particularly suitable for hand hygiene. Of course, we also pay attention to consistent hygiene.

It goes without saying that hygiene and ventilation are very important to us when cleaning the rooms and areas accessible to the public. It would be very kind of you to support us additionally by making sure that the rooms are ventilated briefly when you leave. Of course, the rooms are only cleaned when guests are not present. 

Mouth and nose protection
Guests are advised to adhere to the valid rules for mouth and nose protection (FFP2). Our staff are equipped with high-quality masks that are changed daily. Should anyone need anything during their stay, we have enough in stock. 

As we are a family-run hotel, personal service is very important to us. Because of this, we have made a conscious decision to replace our rich buffet with personal service at your breakfast table rather than a pre-packed lunch box. This way we can guarantee maximum comfort for you. Because with a buffet, you as a guest would have to use FFP2 masks and disposable gloves every time you want to help yourself. This way we can bring everything to your table,

Environmental protection
Despite the current situation, sustainability is important to us. We always make sure that the products we offer are locally sourced, and that the cleaning products we use are biodegradable. Many products such as all our herbs, the majority of the salads and also many vegetables such as tomatoes come from our own cultivation. We make our own jams and jellies. In our in-house laundry, too, it goes without saying that the washing temperatures required for hygiene are maintained. Apart from an automatic change of linen for particularly long stays, we ask you to follow the instructions for a desired change of towels in the bathrooms. 

Air purification
In order to minimise the risk of infection, we have a HEPA air purifier in the guest lounge in addition to the existing ventilation facilities (ventilation, 5 large windows). The staircase and corridors are also ventilated at regular intervals.

Arrival times
The general arrival times are already set and visible when booking. Should you wish to arrive at a different time, please let us know in advance. We will try to accommodate your wishes.

Current questions and answers (as of 03.06.2021)
How many households may be accommodated together in one accommodation unit?

In principle, only guests from one household may be accommodated in one accommodation unit. Fully vaccinated and recovered persons may also be accommodated in an accommodation unit in addition to a household.

Can hotel guests have breakfast or dine inside, although only one opening of the outside catering is allowed?
Yes. In accommodation establishments, the operation of indoor catering is possible subject to the requirements of the framework hygiene concept for catering.

If overnight guests in the hotel are allowed to be catered for in indoor areas, are external guests also allowed back into the indoor areas?
No, this will only be possible when the indoor catering can generally be reopened. At the moment, with a stable incidence below 100, this unfortunately only applies to hotel guests as of 21 May. At the moment, external guests are unfortunately only allowed to use the outdoor gastronomy.

Which guests have to show a negative test?
The testing obligation only applies to purely tourist overnight stays. Business travellers, vaccinated and recovered persons and children up to their 6th birthday are exempt from the testing obligation. You can find the definitions here. Tourist guests may only be admitted if they can prove a negative result of a PCR test carried out no more than 24 hours ago, or a POC antigen test carried out no more than 24 hours ago, or a current self-test under supervision with regard to an infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. For longer stays in accommodation establishments, a test must be repeated every 48 hours.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them by phone or email. 

We look forward to your visit.

With kind regards,

Your Opel family

since 02.09.2021