Current restrictions until 20.12.2020

The lockdown means for our company that only necessary accommodation is allowed. Food and drinks (including breakfast) are available for necessary accommodation, currently in the restaurant, alternatively in the room. Unfortunately, our restaurant is currently only available to necessary travellers. Therefore we have no regular opening hours as usual. There is a small menu, home-style cooking and we make an approximate time for dinner. We also hold it when guests want breakfast. Thank you very much for your understanding. Here is some information about the current infection protection ordinance. The area of accommodation is particularly relevant. What is necessary accommodation? As far as we have understood it from the Bavarian Ministry of Health, it means that it must not serve tourist purposes and it must be credibly necessary. As a precaution, we would like to point out that the same contact rules apply to the accommodation of guests in hotel rooms as to the rest of the hotel business: guests who do not belong to the same household and additionally to the members of another household, as long as a total number of no more than ten persons is not exceeded, may not be accommodated together in one room or accommodation unit.

Infection prevention measures regulation

The Ninth Bavarian Infection Control Ordinance has been published, the most important passages for you are

§ 3 Contact restriction 

(1) The joint stay in public space, in privately used rooms and on privately used land is only permitted

with the members of their own household and
in addition, the members of another household, provided that the total number of such households does not exceed five persons; children under 14 years of age belonging to such households are not included in the total number.
(2) Celebrations in public places and facilities shall be prohibited regardless of the number of persons present.

(3) Sub-Clause 1 shall not apply to professional and official activities or to voluntary work in corporations and institutions under public law where the cooperation of several persons is absolutely necessary.

§Section 13 Catering

(1) Catering establishments of any kind are prohibited, subject to paragraphs 2 and 3.

(2) The distribution and delivery of take-away food and beverages is permitted.

(3) 1 The operation of company canteens that are not open to the public is permitted if it is ensured that a minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained between all guests who do not belong to the group of persons specified in § 3 paragraph 1. 2 The operator must draw up a protection and hygiene concept and submit it to the competent district administrative authority on request.

§ 14 Accommodation

(1) 1Overnight accommodation offers may only be made available by hotels, lodging establishments, school hostels, youth hostels, camping sites and all other commercial accommodation for credibly necessary, in particular for professional and business purposes. 2 Accommodation offers for tourist purposes are prohibited.

(2) The following applies to overnight accommodation offers in accordance with paragraph 1 sentence 1

1 The operator shall take suitable measures to ensure that a minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained between guests who do not belong to the group of persons specified in Article 3 paragraph 1 and between guests and staff.

2. guests who do not belong to the group of persons specified in § 3 (1) in relation to one another may not be accommodated together in the same room or accommodation unit.

3. staff in the service area or in areas where a minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained, as well as guests as long as they are not at the table in the restaurant area or in their accommodation unit, are subject to the obligation to wear masks; § 12 (1) sentence 1 no. 3 half-sentence 2 applies accordingly.

4. the operator shall draw up a protection and hygiene concept on the basis of a framework concept for tourist accommodation establishments published by the State Ministries of Economics, Regional Development and Energy and for Health and Care and shall submit it to the competent district administrative authority on request.

5. the operator shall collect the contact details of guests in accordance with § 4 (1).

(3) The respective special regulations of this Ordinance apply to catering services.

Our explanation of the service flat rate on the bill 

According to a published ruling by the Federal Finance Court (BFH, file no. XI R 11/14), the provision of hotel parking spaces is subject to the general VAT rate of 19 percent. This applies even if no agreement has been reached between the hotel and the guest on the use of the car park and no separate fee is payable by the guest, the court stated.

A DEHOGA statement states that "free use" of hotel car parks is not permitted under the BFH. However, the use of parking spaces could be part of a flat-rate price for ancillary services, such as a business package. This also applies to business travellers. Since the use of a hotel parking space for business travellers is for business purposes, these costs could be reimbursed by the employer tax-free as incidental travel expenses. (For example, also concerns the use of communication networks)

We and our company are not responsible for the tax law conditions, only for their application. Many thanks for your understanding.

FEDERAL FINANCIAL COURT Judgement of 1.3.2016, XI R 11/14

Brand new: from today we have not only a digital possibility of registration for restaurant visitors, but also a digital menu per App. 06.10.2020


We change the opening hours of the restaurant. It was a very nice, but also a very busy autumn with many nice guests from near and far. We had a lot of fun, but a little bit of relaxation is also necessary. From this week on we have not opened the restaurant on Friday and Sunday evening. We will announce changes on the website again. Monday to Thursday from 17:30 and Saturday from 17:30. This has no influence on the operation of the hotel. Breakfast will continue to be served daily for house guests, if you wish. All the best and stay healthy.