Blog of Hotel-Gasthof Opel opened. Here you will be informed about all news from now on. 29.09.2020

Today we would like to inform you that in addition to the ventilation concept in the guest room we have an air purifier also against viruses. In consultation with the company doctor, we have adapted our hygiene concept to the current conditions due to Corona. In our service we currently use the transparent Smile by Ego mouth-nose cover, which is approved in Bavaria as a community mask. 

At present, you do not need to book breakfast times, we have managed without any time arrangements throughout the months and hope that this will remain so. The regular breakfast times are from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9.30am and on weekends and holidays from 8am to 10am. However, you are welcome to let us know your approximate breakfast time. In general, it is compulsory to cover your mouth and nose on all courses, but not at the table once you are seated as a guest. In general, the general A-H-A rules apply. We point out everything at the entrance with notices. Up to 10 guests may sit at one table if you wish. 

We serve a small mini-buffet per table and, if you wish, we can provide everything else such as cornflakes or muesli. This way our guests do not have to wear mouth and nose protectors and disposable gloves every time they go to the buffet. We will continue to do so until further notice. All our measures are, as from the beginning, in accordance with the current regulations. We always strive to be up to date, but we would like to point out that everything may change according to the requirements. 

At the latest at check-in, we have your registration data from our house guests. According to our company doctor, this means that we do not have to register you again, but we do have to note down the times when you eat and drink in our company. We will of course register guests from outside if they wish to eat and drink with us. If you have already reserved a table over the phone, we have already noted down your details. Otherwise we will do the registration in the restaurant on site.

Our explanation of the service flat rate on the bill 

According to a published ruling by the Federal Finance Court (BFH, file no. XI R 11/14), the provision of hotel parking spaces is subject to the general VAT rate of 19 percent. This applies even if no agreement has been reached between the hotel and the guest on the use of the car park and no separate fee is payable by the guest, the court stated.

A DEHOGA statement states that "free use" of hotel car parks is not permitted under the BFH. However, the use of parking spaces could be part of a flat-rate price for ancillary services, such as a business package. This also applies to business travellers. Since the use of a hotel parking space for business travellers is for business purposes, these costs could be reimbursed by the employer tax-free as incidental travel expenses. (For example, also concerns the use of communication networks)

We and our company are not responsible for the tax law conditions, only for their application. Many thanks for your understanding.

FEDERAL FINANCIAL COURT Judgement of 1.3.2016, XI R 11/14

Brand new: from today we have not only a digital possibility of registration for restaurant visitors, but also a digital menu per App. 06.10.2020


We change the opening hours of the restaurant. It was a very nice, but also a very busy autumn with many nice guests from near and far. We had a lot of fun, but a little bit of relaxation is also necessary. From this week on we have not opened the restaurant on Friday and Sunday evening. We will announce changes on the website again. Monday to Thursday from 17:30 and Saturday from 17:30. This has no influence on the operation of the hotel. Breakfast will continue to be served daily for house guests, if you wish. All the best and stay healthy.