Dear guests,
we are updating the information about dinner at

For the days when dinner is not possible, we can give you tips for restaurants in the surrounding area.

We can also make special requests, such as a bottle of wine chilled in your room if you return a little later, in your booking as a guest request, so that we can remember this on the same day. 

We would like to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Payment is possible on site in cash, by EC card, by Master/Visa card.

We will be happy to keep you informed here.

With kind regards,

Your Opel family

Dear guests, 
you can always find the current bus schedule at (Verkehrsgroßraum Nürnberg). Please note the information about the ALT (Anruf-Linien-Taxi, call in advance: approx. 60 min) and also that the bus line indicated there is called 378 for the VGN and 8354 for the district itself. Most buses kindly display both line numbers.

You can find the bus information like everything in our room in the guest information folder or here

Route (stops near Festspielhaus Bayreuth: e.g. Goethestraße or Hauptbahnhof, city center: ZOH, Rotmainhalle)

The bus stops Bayreuther Straße are located in our street: direction Bayreuth at the traffic light below the church. The bus stop coming from Bayreuth e.g. at Bayreuther Straße near the bakery Hübsch.

With kind regards,

Your family Opel


Our explanation of the service charge on the invoice

We kindly ask for your understanding that we are not responsible for the following rules. What we are responsible for, however, is that we implement these rules correctly. Occasionally there are questions about this, so here is the explanation, which unfortunately we are explicitly not allowed to print on the invoice according to the tax advisor. If we apply the service charge, it is not itemised, so I guess that has to be the case as well. Thank you for your understanding. 


According to a published ruling of the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH, file no.: XI R 11/14), the provision of hotel parking spaces is subject to the general VAT rate of 19 percent. This also applies if there is no agreement between the hotel and the guest on the use of the parking space and no separate fee is to be paid by the guest, according to the court.

In a statement by DEHOGA, it is said that a "free use" of hotel parking spaces is not permissible according to the BFH. However, the use of parking spaces could be part of an all-inclusive price for ancillary services, such as a business package. This also applies to business travellers. Since the use of a hotel car park for business travellers is business-related, these costs could be reimbursed tax-free by the employer as ancillary travel costs. (Also concerns, for example, the use of communication networks).

If you are interested, you can find out more about this under the following ruling.

BUNDESFINANZHOF Ruling of 1.3.2016, XI R 11/14

As long as there is a change in VAT, the 20% taxation is accepted, starting from the room rate.