Hotel-Gasthof Opel - an inn with a long history

Much of the produce comes from our own #kitchengarden, especially #herbs, salads and #tomatoes, or is bought locally, for example from the butcher. As a matter of principle, we attach great importance to fresh #regional and #seasonal processing. The hotel is situated in a historical location. Already in the 16th century, the castle of the Lords of Weiher, later owned by the Margraves of Bayreuth, was located on the Schlossplatz of Heinersreuth. Around 1742 the castle estate was sold to the castle builders Dörfler and others. In 1833 they built the present Gasthof Opel as their residence. This can also be traced by the date 1833 as an inscription in the cellar vault. The entry for the building in the list of monuments reads: "Heinersreuth, Bayreuther Straße 1, inn, sandstone building with half-hipped roof, 1st half of the 19th century".  

As early as 1841 the house was sold to Johann Lauterbach, the landlord of the then upper Heinersreuth inn. He exchanged two houses for the present Gasthof Opel. In the purchase contract of 1841 from the Bamberg State Archives, today's Hotel-Gasthof Opel is mentioned as "a part of the former castle which has now been converted into a miscellaneous residential building". Remains of the former part of the castle can still be recognized today by the old wall to the east of the house. One of the cellars under the house also dates from this time. Since 1841 the inn with butcher's shop and agriculture was run by Johann Lauterbach and his family. After Johann Lauterbach's death in 1856, his daughter Kunigunda Margareta Lauterbach married the innkeeper and tailor Johann Engelbrecht.  The house remained in the family until 1905, with the last remaining heirs Schmidt and Kolb. From the latter Johann and Barbara Opel from Eckersdorf bought the inn on 21 October 1905. 
At that time, the estate included the Eindrittelbesitz am Schloßhof and half of the Bräuhaus. Beer was brewed in the Bräuhaus by the innkeeper and master butcher Johann Opel. After the early death of Johann Opel, his widow Barbara Opel and her six minor children continued to run the inn with a butcher's shop. The heir Martin Opel and his wife Johanna had extensive repair work done in the early 50s. Among other things, the stables were converted into an adjoining room and the dance hall on the first floor was renovated.
The hall was not only used for Kerwa dances, but also for citizens' meetings and club events. The hall was converted into guest rooms as early as the mid 70s. For reasons of age, master butcher Martin Opel gave up his butcher's shop in 1981 and died in 1987, after he had handed over the business to his daughter. Christine Opel continues to run the business, supported by her adult children. From the very beginning, it was her concern to renovate the building in such a way that the character and charm of the old building is preserved.

Since 2016 information about the history of Hotel-Gasthof Opel can be found in the book 50 historische Wirtshäuser von Oberfranken, published by Friedrich Pustet, Dr. Peter Morsbach Verlag.


The Hotel-Gasthof Opel is a popular address for overnight guests, especially during the Bayreuth festival season. 
Since 1905 the Gasthof Opel is owned by the Opel family. For more than 110 years the family of the house has been greeting their guests personally. You are most welcome, whether you are travelling on business or would like to spend a few days privately in Bayreuth or to the Bayreuth Festival from 25 July to 30 August.
Sources: Research by the Heinersreuth Historian Heinz Friedel: Article in the Bayreuth Sunday of 14.11.2010 and thematically supplemented and revised by the Local Family Book of Heinersreuth by Mrs. Anneliese Uckele (Family History of the Lauterbach Family) and the Bamberg State Archive (Contracts between Dörfler and Lauterbach).

Historical inn at the Opel Inn in Heinersreuth
Our historic Gaststube was introduced in the book 50 Historic Inns in Upper Franconia. It is an example for the careful way of renovation, with which this house has been renewed again and again since 1987, with the aim to preserve the charm of the old house. Christine Opel had the restaurant renovated under the advice of an architect, preserving as much as possible of the tiled stove, the old exposed beams and the panelling. The PVC floor was replaced by a cotto floor, and the furniture and tables were also selected to match.  

Much comes from the in-house kitchen garden, especially herbs, salads and tomatoes, or is purchased regionally, for example from the farmer's butcher. As a matter of principle, we attach great importance to fresh regional and seasonal processing.


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Es gefällt uns jedes Mal wieder sehr gut und wir fühlen uns immer sehr willkommen und empfehlen das Haus auch gerne weiter.

Dr. Ronald und Hannelore Smith (August 2019) 93% Weiterempfehlung


Alles bestens, leider zu kurz. Von I. Egidy (August 2019) 100% Weiterempfehlung


Wir waren das erste Mal da, aber sicher nicht das letzte Mal. Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt. Kein öffentlicher Name, August 2019, 100% Weiterempfehlung


Saubere, ruhige Zimmer. Sehr gutes Frühstück mit Beilagen aus dem eigenen Garten und selbst gemachter Konfitüre. Hotel sehr gut gelegen für Festspielbesucher. Kein öffentlicher Name, August 2019, 93% Weiterempfehlung


Ein familiär geführtes Haus. Sehr liebenswürdige Inhaberinnen, die ein sehr gutes Frühstück servieren mit Früchten aus dem Garten. Der Weg von Heinersreuth über den Roten Main zum Festspielhaus ist sehr geschickt. Man umgeht die Stadt. Kein öffentlicher Name, August 2019, 100% Weiterempfehlung


Freundlicher Service, liebevoll und gut erhaltener Gasthof. Schönes Zimmer und gutes Frühstück. Sehr guter WLAN Empfang. Kein öffentlicher Name, Familie 30-39, Dezember 2018


Wir haben uns so richtig wohl gefühlt. Kein öffentlicher Name, August 2019, 100% Weiterempfehlung


Très sympathique. Petit hôtel pleine de charme. Kein öffentlicher Name, Juli 2019, 93% Weiterempfehlung


Saubere, gepflegte Zimmer. Freundliches Personal. Markus Pitzer, Paar, April 2019, 100% Weiterempfehlung


Wir sind seit Jahren zufriedene Stammgäste. Das Hotel hat Flair, eine sehr nette Wirtin und liegt äußerst günstig, wenn man ins Festspielhaus möchte – nach 5 Minuten durch die Felder ist man dort. Paar, August 2019, Kein öffentlicher Name, 93% Weiterempfehlung


Das Gebäude, der Garten und die Gaststube haben uns sehr gefallen. Frühstück war ausgezeichnet. Von Wolfgang, September 2019, 93% Weiterempfehlung. August 2019, 93% Weiterempfehlung


Super sauber. Sehr gutes Essen. Gute Lage, April 2019, Unternehmen, Kein öffentlicher Name, 93% Weiterempfehlung


Schöne Athmosphäre. Leckeres Frühstück. Diana Hennig. Oktober 2018, Freunde, 93% Weiterempfehlung


Ruhig und sehr freundliche Athmosphäre. Besonderes Flair. Alter Gasthof, der mit Stil eingerichtet ist. Gerne wieder. Unternehmen, Kein öffentlicher Name, 100% Weiterempfehlung


Gemütliches Quartier. Preis-Leistung ist in Ordnung. Gutes und reichhaltiges Frühstücksbüffet. Engelbert Hofner, Paar, November 2018, 93% Weiterempfehlung